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Unemployment to Unemplyablity :- Antima Sharma

“For our people to benefit from new employment opportunities, we must ensure that every Indian is skilled and educated. Alone on Education we can’t make our nation prosperous and cant built make progressive society. We will make India a nation of educated people, of skilled people, of creative people.” 
Education is there in India, In this 21st Century, India is emerging as a global Leader with the fast emerging changes. In spite of the increase in the number of school and universities across India, we are surviving with a mediocre higher education system in the global market.
After 69 years of Independence, we face the problems of millions of graduates being unemployable for Indian & Multinational companies. According to the Statistics provide by the Team Lease only 50 % or less then of it graduate & Post Graduate is get employable.

The current education system does not educate students to apply skills gives only bookish knowledge. Basic attitudes and skills like punctuality, maintaining logbooks, project management, discipline, customer interface, clear communication, etc. are not taught. So even if basic skills are there, the lack of professional skills often means that the individual cannot create value for themselves or their organization. Students take admission in college on the basis of Name of college & Institute “Y” not on the basis quality of teaching provide by them.
Industry complaint, that the youth are not employable, is a harsh feedback that Indians are not measuring up to the order of psychological capacity demanded in the modern workplace. But how is this possible when the Indian higher education system has not made many changes in its syllabus and teaching method since from long time.
Why our 80 % Engineers or any other Professional Degree Holders are Unemployable and what the Measures to improve this Crisis.
Before get to know the answer of this question we should understand the meaning of Unemployable.
Unemployable means: “not acceptable for employment as a employee.” Or Lack of skills and competencies which is require in job other than a degree”
Unemployment is: “the state of being unemployed.”
There seems to be a significant skill gap in the country as 80% of the Engineering and other Degree holders are “unemployable” as many reports by different group that who putting light on this matter and says that there is need to upgrade education and Training system to make student Employable rather than degree holder.
Education Institute train million of youngsters but corporate often complain that they do not get the necessary skill and talent require for a job.
According to Aspiring Minds National Employability Report, which is based on a study of more than 1, 50,000 engineering students who graduated in 2015 from over 650 colleges, 80% of the them are unemployable.
Only Few Institutes who work on education as well as employable skills of students there is one new subject has introduced “Employability Skills”. Institutes hiring trainers for this Subject in which students get training on Communication skills , Group discussion skills , Presentation skills, Life skills , Behavioral skills, aptitude , attitude etc.. which make them or help them to be Employable. To see today’s scenario it is important to have Education + S Factor to student so they can grow, develop and become fruitful for both organization and 
Nation both.To make students from unemployable to Employable Institutes and colleges have to take responsibilities.
Who’s Responsibility to make graduates Employable?
It's true that universities need to play a stronger role as nurturers of employable, self-awareness among students.
Institutes & College need to turn the idea of soft and hard skills on its head. Young adults' people skills are essential. Decision-making, excellent writing skills, team working, presentation and articulation, empathy, reflection, curiosity and listening are some of the skills being demanded by all organizations, not just corporations. Many graduates have these skills; they just don't know it. As a largely digital generation, their inter-personal skills are dramatically variable, from listening brilliantly and taking on board feedback, to dialogue and empathy.
                                                                      Formal and Current education system to be Revised. Arguably, the greatest challenge facing higher education in India is the chronic shortage of faculty. Various reports estimate that 30-40% of faculty positions are unfilled. Most faculties have had no training in teaching. Other issues in teaching and learning which compound the problems include:
  • Outdated, rigid curricula and the absence of employer engagement in course content and skills development.
  • Pedagogies and assessment are focused on input and rote learning; students have little opportunity to develop a wider range of transversal skills, including critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem-solving and collaborative working.
  • High student: teacher ratio, due to the lack of teaching staff and pressure to enrol more students.
  • Separation of research and teaching; lack of early stage research experience.
  • An ineffective quality assurance system.”
  • Soft Skill not a part of Curricular.
SO It’s our system and Institutes Responsibility to improve current Education System and to make student aware about the Current scenario so they work accordingly and compete with the Current Employment Problems.
                                                           Indian Government made a one Step in this Direction that is Skill Development Courses for Graduates and Undergraduates. If all this courses are part of Academics definitely all efforts work well. So with Education there is one another Factor which work like “Tasty food with some more Cheese” that is {S} SKILL factor.
 Antima Sharma 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016



विजयदशमी सिर्फ रावण पर राम की जीत ही नहीं बल्कि बुराई पर अच्छाई की जीत 
पुतला जलाने की जरुरत नहीं आज जरुरत है 
अपने अंदर बैठे रावण का दहन करने की 
)(happy DussehrA

Wish u very very happy DUSSEHRA
Anuj Pareek 

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